Zero Trust

Adopting a zero-trust posture can help protect your enterprise and your future.

The threat to your network is bigger than ever, and traditional security measures that primarily focus on external threats are no longer enough.

Newtek partners with you to uncover and develop actionable mitigation plans for potential IT security risks.

The Problem

Ransomware and remote work security concerns create key challenges for you when attempting to protect your most important systems, devices, and data.

VPNs and other traditional network security systems have thwarted many cyberattacks in recent decades, but they’re becoming obsolete.

And if you’re handling sensitive client data, a data breach could result in serious financial consequences for you and your business.

To combat this increased risk, the way we approach cybersecurity needs to change.

The Solution? Zero Trust.

A Zero Trust approach follows a “never trust, always verify” mantra that starts with assuming every access request is a breach and must be verified and validated before entering. As a result, your system is on constant alert for attacks — inside and outside of your network. Enterprises must employ certain fundamentals to reach zero trust maturity.

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To reach Zero Trust maturity, companies need to begin by employing the following fundamentals:

Continual, Explicit Verification

Least Privileged



It’s important to note that a mature Zero Trust model is achievable only by evolution, not wholesale disruption. It requires establishing a baseline viewpoint of where your organization is and the gaps you have.

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