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Success Story Snapshot:

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

A global software manufacturer was experiencing difficulties with their professional services partner. The services provided were not profitable and were ultimately not up to quality standards. Newtek was brought on to the project to provide turnkey white labeled services, resulting in high customer satisfaction and a flexible and scalable model to achieve profitability goals.

Working as an advocate for our clients, Newtek consultants design, architect, and implement the strategies that have powered business IT success for more than 30 years. From secure end user computing to fully managed data centers, our consultants are innovation experts for tomorrow’s IT.


Simplify Endpoint Management


Enhance Your IT Advantage


Chart Your Journey To The Cloud

Custom Professional Services Boost Productivity and Success

Implementing the right IT strategy can be crucial to the viability of your business.

We work hard to provide you with professional services that will not only make your life easier in the long term, but will also increase the success rate and efficiency of your organization.

  • Software planning 100% 100%
  • IT infrastructure 100% 100%
  • Designing and implementing your on-premise, cloud, or hybrid solution 100% 100%
  • Finding ways to cut your IT costs 100% 100%
  • Developing or integrating systems and/or software 100% 100%

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